Bernie’s Campaign Hits a Fever Pitch in Riverside

Bernie Sanders

Bernie is still blazing ahead. He recently addressed the crowd at Riverside Municipality Auditorium, and the mood, we hear, was electric, with the crowd going wild. Bernie’s speech simply put, was about change. A change, he says, is a roadmap to a better America.

Bernie said that change should never begin from the top, nor will it. It should begin from the bottom, and work its way up (that’s right, Bernie, trickle up!). His campaign aims to set up a government that works for everyone, and not just the poor, the middle class or the rich. He persuaded the masses to ask tough questions of the government, questions that politicians or the media will not ask. He questioned about the shrinking middle class, the state of the American judiciary and the failed war on drugs.

“We’ve gotta end a rigged economy,” Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders said.

A Broken Judicial System

America’s broken judiciary system, Bernie said, was the prime reason why 2.2 million of the population is in jail. An unusually large number, this large population of lawbreakers was disproportionately made up of African-Americans, Hispanic and Native-Americans.

There is a lot of changing to do though. According to Bernie, fixing the judicial system should begin with the local police departments. Bernie also placed an emphasis on the failed war on drugs. While legalizing the use of marijuana was a state decision, use and distribution of opiate drugs was not just serious crime issue, but a health issue as well. As young Americans get caught in the use of drugs, their health should be of concern as well. Drugs are eating into our young. Can we imagine what our future will be like, when the young that represent the future of our nation are wilting away before our very eyes?

All Ears

Bernie is all ears to those whose voice is least heard. The voices of women, seniors and veterans are voices that most politicians tend to disregard. This is not the case with Bernie. His campaign particularly aims at the Republican’s take on “family values.” According to Bernie, this talk of family values actually translates to women having no voice in matters regarding their own bodies. This he says, goes against what the American society truly represents – a blend of freedom and equality.

A “Down to Earth” Candidate

Many young supporters of Bernie, such as Daniela Mendoza, a 23-year old Riverside resident, believes that Bernie is more of a people’s man. Mendoza says that not only is Bernie talking about addressing all types of issues from immigration to climate change, he is also down-to-earth compared to the other presidential candidates.

Bernie understands that he is talking about a lot of change, and change doesn’t come easy. It is a struggle, and probably a long drawn out one. He further reiterated the fact that democracy isn’t a spectator sport. It is in fact a platform where everyone is a participant that includes men, women, children, elders, veterans, the rich, the middle class and the poor.

Bernie’s campaign seems promising, but will he deliver what he promises? Can he help the American people get back on their feet? We will all know soon. For now, we are definitely giving brownie points for Bernie for his promising speech in Riverside.


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