Bernie Sanders

Bernie’s Campaign Hits a Fever Pitch in Riverside

Bernie said that change should never begin from the top, nor will it. It should begin from the bottom, and work its way up (that’s right, Bernie, trickle up!).

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Trump Rally Dallas

Trump Disrupts American Politics

As an American, no matter where you stand or whom you are rooting for, you’ve got to admit that Trump has managed to disrupt the face of American politics.

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Tiny Homes for the Homeless

Not Even This Gesture of Good Faith Can Help the Homeless

A couple of like-minded citizens and a builder came together to sketch out a plan to help the homeless in Los Angeles.

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Rep. Jeff Denham

Rep. Jeff Denham Wants To Do Away with Excess Properties

Denham’s bill proposes to save taxpayers millions, and at the same time helps give something back to the American people by helping the homeless.

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Living Wage

The Sad Truth – Most Low-Wage Earners Unable to Make Ends Meet

We hear a lot about how those who rely on public assistance are unwilling to work. That public assistance has become less for the needy and more for the lazy.

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Bernie on the Minimum Wage

Increase the Minimum Wage, Says Bernie Sanders

Among the many issues Bernie is campaigning for, he fights ferociously for higher wages. Millions of Americans are not earning enough to make ends meet.

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Money on Dashboard Experiment

A Social Experiment

These guys set up what they called a “social experiment” by leaving some money on the dashboard of their car to see how honest people are – or aren’t.

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Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul

Is Bernie Sanders A Democratic Version Of Ron Paul?

There are similarities between Vermont Senator Bernie and former Congressman Ron Paul, even though they are polar opposites when it comes to the role of the State.

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Rags and Riches

Trickle Up Vs. Trickle Down Economics

It should never be assumed that there is one magic policy or legislative action that will solve the many problems faced in an economy.

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Trickle Down

Corporate Greed

Trickle Down Economics Debunked in One Sentence

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