A Social Experiment

Money on Dashboard Experiment

These guys set up what they called a “social experiment” by leaving some money on the dashboard of their car in plain sight, with the window rolled down so that anyone could easily reach in and take it. They parked the car in various spots, including an affluent neighborhood and in a much poorer neighborhood. They aimed their cameras at the car, and waited to see if anyone would steal the money.

The first guy that takes the money has quite an irritating reaction when they stop him, tell him they have his actions on camera, and ask for the money back. But the shining star of the story is the homeless veteran “caught” on film.

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    • Bryan
    • March 4, 2016

    Funny how he acts so indignant and totaally disses them when he is confronted for stealing! Way to maintain your “integrity” Dude.

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